Hydraulic Units
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Hydraulic Units


(Green Lift Fluitronic-Machineroomless-Tower) is a complete MRL with all equipment located within the lift shaft.

The control panel is located in the lift shaft with remote controls for dynamic tests and emergency operations positioned in the door frame or wall box on the bottom floor, accessible from outside the shaft. Also included in the remote box are the head pump, emergency lowering button, control panel diagnostics, intercom and power supply cut-off.

The GLF-MRL-T be used to replace lifts in existing shafts and with a minimum headroom requirement of 2750mm or pit of just 450mm (in situations where there is no possibility of deepening the existing pit). It can be fitted with a series of components to guarantee the safety of personnel during maintenance operations where the pit/headroom is particularly small and to ensure it complies with the lift directive.

The GLF-MRL-T power unit is specifically designed for MRL Lifts according to EN81.2 A2 to be installed in the pit typically between the guide rails and the door.

The design ensures that typical shaft dimensions for traction lifts do not need to change and , standing at 1600mm tall, it's suitable for areas that are susceptible to flooding.

NGV Electronic Valve - Improves the quality of the hydraulic lift ride by using a new control system with "stepping" technology. The flow of oil is controlled by a stepping motor which directly drives the valve function depending on the car load. This offers maximum comfort comparable to VVVF controls found in traction machines.


(Green-Lift Fluitronic-Machineroomless-Machine Cabinet) is a partial MRL with a horizontal power unit and control panel positioned within a compact machinery cabinet that can be situated anywhere on the landing adjacent to the lift shaft.

This model is an economic alternative to the GLF-MRL-T where space permits.

The GMV-MRL-MC can be fitted with a series of safety components so it can be used in existing lift shafts with reduced headroom (2750mm) and pit (450mm) can be used to replace lifts in existing shafts to satisfy the Lift Directive 95/16/EC.

The machine room cabinet eliminates the need for a machine room thereby reduces the cost of constructing one and allows freed space to be used for other purposes.

  • All machinery is completely contained within the lift shaft
  • More cost effective than traction lifts
  • Reduced headroom and pit options available
  • Wide range of attractive cabin finishes available
  • DDA, EN81 and Buildings Regulations Part M compliant.